Delicate Shampoo



S’AGAPÓ DELICATE SHAMPOO Gentle shampoo with a cleansing and purifying action, indicated for delicate and sensitive skin that require a specific cleaning action product. Formulation free of aggressive foaming agents, synthetic perfumes and dyes, gives a silky effect and gives brightness and softness. It gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and a delicate scent derived from natural essences with a calming and repellent action. Specifically, the product contains:

SNAIL SLIME: natural substance with exceptional beneficial properties for the skin. Inside it contains innumerable constituents such as allantoin, lactic acid, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides (GAG), proteins, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the synergy of action of its main components, this extraordinary active substance boasts protective, regenerating, restructuring, purifying and healing properties. It improves and consolidates the tone of the skin, hydrates the skin and protects from external factors, reduces redness and irritation from various nature, purifies gently and promotes the elimination of blemishes without altering the skin structure and the physiological hydrolipidic film. The snail slime also has strong healing and soothing properties; in fact, thanks to the protective action carried out by mucopolysaccharides, it accelerates the cicatrization process facilitating the healing of wounds.

PROTEIN HYDROLISATE FROM PEA: precious extract derived from the seeds of the common pea (Pisum sativum), a superfood rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This is a high-moisture retentive biopolymer that has high moisturizing, restorative and soothing properties. It is able to reinforce and increase the plasticity of the hairs, preventing their fall and rupture. It also has high anti-irritative and elasticizing properties.

OAT EXTRACT: natural extract with strong emollient, restorative and moisturizing properties. At the cutaneous level it makes a protective acion and an inhibiting activity against xanthine oxidase, an enzyme able to generate hydrogen peroxide and free radicals. The extract of oats besides being a valid antioxidant agent, is often used also for its anti-reddening and antipruritic properties.

PINK CLAY: also known as “calamine”, this innovative mineral substance rich in oligoelements, comes from the combination of red clay and white clay (kaolin). Rich in iron and low in aluminum, this precious raw material possesses high purifying, disinfecting, moisturizing, regenerating and restorative properties. Since ancient Roman times pink clay was used to treat horses’ wounds and to wash and protect livestock from infections, even today, in fact, it is successfully exploited for its soothing, emollient, anti-in ammatory and anti-reddening properties. It is particularly indicated for delicate, sensitive and problem areas that need to be cleansed and purified gently. The characteristic pale pink color is due to the presence of the contained trivalent iron.

SALICYLIC ACID: it is a beta-hydroxyacid derived from the enzymatic hydrolysis of salicin, glucoside salicoside extracted from the plant Salix alba (willow). It comes in the form of white crystalline powder. It is characterized by keratoplasty properties purifying and smoothing properties. It provokes the exfoliation of the super cial layers of the skin and is very e ective in eliminating the keratin caps and release the comedones from the sebaceous content. At this level it also performs bacteriostatic, desiccant and soothing action without causing irritation. Particularly suitable for sensitive and problematic skin as it helps to improve the detergent action of the product without creating redness and skin irritations.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: herbaceous plant belonging to the Labiate family, known and appreciated for its soothing, rebalancing, antiseptic and purifying properties. It is particularly indicated for delicate, problematic and impure skin, to relieve painful sensations and to give relief to irritated skin caused by insect bites. In combination with other essential oils, it helps to repel files, mosquitoes and different kind of insects.

SAGE ESSENTIAL OILaromatic plant frequently used in traditional medicine for the treatment of infections of various origins. The essential oil in the sage has shown to have antimicrobial activity against 13 kind of bacteria and 6 yeasts including Candida albicans and 6 dermatomycoses. This essential oil is rich in linalool with antiseptic and bactericidal activity. It has proved to be useful in case of problematic skin and is also an excellent repellent against filies and insects.

MINT ESSENTIAL OIL: obtained by steam distillation from the Peppermint plant, it possesses extraordinary refreshing, deodorant and pain-relieving properties supported by numerous scientific studies. Excellent remedy with anti-fatigue action, gives a pleasant sensation of freshness.