Face Cream E-Time



Extraordinary day and night cosmetic treatment with a light and silky texture, ideal for mature and devitalized skin. Face cream with anti-age action, rich in precious and refined functional ingredients such as snail slime, caviar extract, and bee venom. Applied regularly, it preserves the youthfulness of the skin and guarantees a relaxing effect.

Face Cream E-Time also contains:

Ectoin: multifunctional active ingredient; it is an amino acid also present in nature, which is responsible for the cellular vitality of the Ectothiorhodospira Halochloris bacterias able to produce it. They are microorganisms that survive in extreme conditions and high temperatures thanks to their ability to retain reserves of water useful for their hydration. Its properties are exploited in the cosmetic field to provide protection to skin cells, promoting the production of HSP (Heat Shock Proteins) whose task is to recognize, stabilize and metabolize damaged proteins. It is able to protect the skin from immunosuppression induced by UVA rays, thus combating skin photo-aging. Thanks to its ability to bind large quantities of water it is able to give a prolonged hydration to the skin promoting its structural integrity and favoring its regeneration and repair.

Vitamin A: essential vitamin with anti-age activity. It favors the regeneration of tissues and exerts a protective and antioxidant effect at the level of the epidermis where it is able to restore the right production of sebum by modulating the synthesis of lipids.

Hydrolyzed plant proteins: protein hydrolyzate derived from vegetable proteins (extracted from the potato), capable of giving the skin an incredible relaxing and perfecting effect. In fact, it maintains a high molecular weight capable of forming an invisible three-dimensional structure on the skin surface that instantly smoothes the skin limiting the visibility of wrinkles and signs of fatigue.

Sage hispanica seed oil: Sage Hispanica seed extract, better known as chia seeds; it is extremely rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and molecules with high antioxidant power. Its particular composition makes it a particularly nourishing and regenerating oil. It is a source of alpha-linolenic acid, which helps to reduce wrinkles, leaving a silky, soft and luminous skin. The powerful antioxidants contained in it protect the skin against premature aging and promote cell regeneration.

Ceramides: precious functional ingredients important for the health and beauty of the skin. These are substances of fat-waxy lipid contained in the epidermis where, together with cholesterol, they form the outer film that protects the skin. They are called “cellular cement” because they keep the outermost epidermal cells together, the corneocytes, thus contributing to keeping intact the “barrier” function of the skin defending it from external attacks.

Functional peptides (Copper Palimoyl Hexapeptide 14 E Heptapeptide 15 Palmitate): highly penetrable small active molecules. At the dermal level they induce the production of endogenous collagen and elastin, thus improving the structure, tone, elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid: it is one of the fundamental components of human connective tissues; gives the skin its particular properties of resistance, hydration and shape retention. Unfortunately, its concentration within the dermis gradually decreases due to aging or other factors such as stress or oxidative phenomena. Thanks to its very low molecular weight (<10 KDa) it can be conveyed to the deepest layers of the epidermis where it promotes hydration and exerts a true filler effect. It penetrates into the skin, rejuvenating it, filling the furrows caused by wrinkles and preventing tissue failure.