MullerOne process of extracting slime from the Helix Aspersa

The innovative MullerOne process of extracting slime from the Helix Aspersa is the result of many years of experience at the Snail Breeding Institute in Cherasco.

The entire MullerOne project using ozone is completely innovative, because - unlike the slime extracted previously using stressful, intrusive stimulators - the wellbeing of the molluscs is not affected in any way by the extraction of the slime, resulting in a product with high quality chemical and tasting properties.


The percentages of mucopolysaccharides and proteins found in the slime extracted by MullerOne are very high, so it is more effective in reducing inflammationsoothing and restructuring cells.


In fact, in creating the extraction process absolutely no consideration was given to inducing secretion from the snails by intrusive stimulation methods (mechanical, vinegar, salt) which affect the quality of the extract as well as harming the animal.


The use of ozone guarantees the sanitization of the process, drastically reducing the levels of degenerative microorganisms, bacteria and mould present in the body of the snail, and as a result producing a slime with low pH (acidic) and excellent keeping qualities.