Snail Slime

The S'AGAPÓ line of products harbours a small, yet important secret: its precious snail slime.

Until a few years ago it was just a story that aroused curiosity…


Then, with the passing of time it came to be understood that snail slime is one of the purest, most natural and environmentally-friendly - and above-all most effective - ingredients there are, with countless cosmetic properties.

Today snail slime is considered to be so effective that it has become a focal point for anyone seeking wonderful, constantly moisturized, flaw-free skin.


The effectiveness of a product depends on the quality of the raw material!!!


The discovery of snail slime’s remarkable properties came about purely by chance, on observing the hands of the breeders of snails intended for the French food market. The hands of these breeders were always moisturized and showed no signs of ageing. It was noticed that wounds healed in a matter of days, without showing any signs of infection.




Mucopolysaccharides: a highly adhesive and protective hydrogel. They facilitate tissue regeneration, cicatrization, hydration and the healing of burns.


Collagen: a structural support protein which determines the tonicity of skin. It helps repair, restructure and form new tissue.


Elastin: a protein responsible for the elasticity of skin. It helps repair, restructure and form new tissue.


Glycolic acid: an exfoliator which promotes cell proliferation, counters skin discolouration, and helps the formation of endogenous collagen.


Allantoin: an root extract with moisturizing, soothing, redness-reducing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties.


Vitamin A-C-E: antioxidants, promoters of the synthesis of collagen and elastin.